SAT Home Automation

Satellite Home Automation

When it comes to Home Automation, Procab are a one stop shop. Have you ever wanted to ring home and turn the air conditioning on before you get home, forgot to set your alarm whilst rushing to work, or even just wanted to turn all the lights in your home off before going to bed? These scenarios and many more can be made possible in your home today.

Procab offer services from design and planning right through to integrating your Audio and Visual appliances, complete with full documentation of your project. Procab have accredited Clipsal C-Bus Installers and have a wide range of Automation projects to serve residential through to large scale commercial Automation projects. Clipsal C-Bus offers superior products from Modern Glass Switches to Stylish Stainless Steel Colour Touch Screens.

The simple-to-use customised systems mean Home Automation can be made simple and changed with ease as your needs grow.