Greenfield development sites can now be installed with a ‘Fibre To The Home Network’ (FTTH), which distributes Analogue and Digital Free to Air (FTA) signals as well as Subscription Television Signal (Received by Satellite or other means.)

This is accomplished by the use of the latest FTTH technology and QPSK to QAM conversion for Satellite Signals.
The Conversion of the Satellite signal to QAM enables all the signals to be delivered to the home on a single Fibre.

An additional Fibre can be spliced for each home if required for future use, from the Network Interface Panel on the side of each premises (NIP) to the Head end Rack.

As the Fibre network is broadband in design Telephony and Data services can easily be added giving the developer an opportunity to recoup some cost of installing the network.

Procab and our technology partners can offer a 24/7 SLA to maintain the network if required.