Procab offers a comprehensive service in the construction and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure networks.

Procab have enormous technical capability in the installation and maintenance of Telecommunication Electronics, including Telephone Exchange equipment builds, Telecommunication electronics and Broadband installations.

This is backed by a qualified and experienced management team and a company with management systems and processes with ISO Accreditation in the areas of Quality, Environment and Safety.

Our customers take comfort in knowing they have engaged the skill and professionalism of highly trained management and staff.

Procab Services Overview

• Trenching
• Concreting
• Reinstatement
• Road Crossing
• Cable Locating
• Pit & Pipe Installation
• Cable Hauling & Recovery
• All facets of riser network construction.
• Concrete Cutting
• Core Bore Drilling
• Posthole Auguring
• Site Clearing & Preparation
• Rod, Rope & Hauling
• Spoil & Rock Removal
• Manhole Building
• Cable Jointing / Hauling from MDF to customer.
• Test and prove all cable sizes.
• DA re-arrangements and cutovers.
• CPAS –Fault locating and repair.
• Fibre Blowing / Hauling / Splicing of all cable sizes.
• Customer to node.
• Fibre Testing
• Internal Fibre termination and commissioning.